For those new to medieval sword and buckler fencing and/or Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) or for those looking for training gear or additional resources which may compliment or further inform their study of sword and buckler at Fiddlebow Fechtschule, please consider visiting the following websites:

Training Gear:

Fiddlebow T-Shirt (Official):

Fiddlebow T-Shirt (Unofficial):

Purple Heart Armoury (Fencing Masks, etc.):

Albion Swords (I.33 Maestro Training Sword):

Paul Binns Swords (Medieval Type XIV Sword):

*CAS Hanwei (Swords–Please See Note Below):

*There are three swords produced by CAS Hanwei which can be modified with some degree of effort to be functional trainers for I.33 sword and buckler practice: the River Witham Sword (arrives as a sharp); the Henry V Sword; and the Practical Single Hand Sword (requires the most work)

HEMA Schools:

Dimicator–Roland Warzecha in Hamburg (Sword and Buckler):

Midnight Sun Swordplay Academy (“Fiddlebow’s Friends in the Far North”):




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