Training at Fiddlebow Fechtschule


Fiddlebow Fechtschule was founded on the premise that the MS I.33 text presents a complete fighting system that is relevant by itself and which may inform the practice of other later medieval fighting systems.  In this regard, the sword and buckler system derived from the MS I.33 text is more than a mere appetizer.  Rather, the MS I.33 sword and buckler system and the text from which it is derived present a feast for practitioners of both eastern and western martial arts alike.

Training at Fiddlebow is guided by the principle that no one “owns” technique. To the contrary, technique belongs to the fight. In this regard, the primary objective of sword and buckler training at Fiddlebow is not the acquisition or memorization of a series of codified techniques, but rather the development of fundamental fighting skills, movement, and perception.

As fond as we are of the MS. I.33 text, we believe that the illustrations and commentary contained in the text provide but a roadmap to a destination, not the destination itself.

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